Microprocessors Finally Lend Their Intelligence to Electric Heating

BENNETTSVILLE, SC — Computers have changed just about every aspect of our lives, so it’s time someone harnessed the power of microchips to improve electric room heating Marley Engineered Products, a well-known manufacturer of home and office electric heating products, has done just that.

Marley’s new line of wall heaters is called the “Smart Series” reflecting that they use a microprocessor or which continually monitors and adjust the output wattage of the heating element and the fan speed to more closely match the heating requirements of the space.

Combined with the 5/2 programmable set back feature of the thermostat the “Smart Series” fan heater family has the dual advantage of creating energy savings and the ultimate in comfort.

Electronic thermostats, which have been in use for a while, can maintain heat within on degree of the set temperature, as compared to five degrees with conventional bi-metal thermostats. What’s different about the Smart Series electronic thermostat is that it’s continually calculating heat output and fan speed on the proportional difference between room temperature and the set point. That means it provides only the amount of heat needed at any given moment, and is the secret of how Smart Series heaters achieve both energy saving and more precise temperature control.

Bob Windmeyer, Product Line Manager for Marley Engineered Products, admitted the Smart Series technology developed out of a totally different project. “We were working on an Indoor Air Quality control unit,” he said. “Then, after the design and engineering were well on their way, we realized we had the technology for something more useful. When we explained to other employees what we were doing, they weren’t shy in suggesting how we could make this unit more “user friendly. We wound up incorporating most of their ideas into the design.”

Based on the input of the “non-engineers,” the Smart Series heaters feature touch screen surfaces, programmable settings, a child “Lock-out” feature, and nightlights. “In a way,” said Windmeyer, “I think we wound up with a good marriage of electronic and human intelligence.”

Marley Engineered Products “Smart Series” wall heaters will be available in mid-April 2010 under the Fahrenheat®, Berko® and QMark® brands.

Chris English
Marley Engineered Products
470 Beauty Spot Road East
Bennettsville, SC 29512
EMail: chris.english@spx.com


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