Energy Savings

Marley Engineered Product’s new SmartSeries™ Digital & Programmable Fan-Forced Wall Heaters use a microprocessor which continually monitors and adjusts the wattage output of the heating element and the fan speed to more closely match the heating requirements of the space.

The microprocessor in conjunction with an electronic thermostat can maintain heat within one degree of the set temperature, as compared to five degrees with conventional bi-metal thermostats.


It is continually calculating heat output and fan speed on the proportional difference between room temperature and the set point. That means it provides only the amount of heat needed at any given moment. Combined with the 5/2 programmable (5 weekdays and 2 day weekend, 4 program periods per day) set back feature of the thermostat, the SmartSeries™ Digital Programmable models have the dual advantage of creating energy savings and ultimate comfort.